Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How To Get Rid Of Love Handles

If you have love handles that means you have excess fat. That's really the long & short of it. There's a lot of mumbo jumbo you might read about this "special" or "secret" technique to losing belly fat, but it's all BS.

So the simple answer on how to get rid of love handles is this: Diet (and exercise wouldn't hurt.)

OK, I hear you complaining: "But I'm thin everywhere else?!"

Yes. This just means that you "hold onto" fat in your mid section the longest. This is quite natural. Not every body does this but you do. That's a genetic thing and there's nothing you can do about it. Most people have a place where they hold onto fat the longest. Yours happens to be your stomach. Someone else may hold onto their fat in their thighs. Some people hold onto fat equally in both regions. It doesn't really matter why. What matters is what you can do about it: Lower your body fat %!

And again, the simple (and correct) way of doing that is: DIET!

The important thing is not to choose the wrong diet. Do not choose a low calorie diet that turns turns your body's "starvation mode" on. This happens when your metabolism slows down and your body begins to actually hold onto excess fat for survival! When your body is in this mode, it actually burns muscle before fat! That's the last thing you want to happen. You need to burn fat, not muscle.

While low carb diets are more effective than low calorie diets, you should not choose a low carb diet either. Why? Because they are almost impossible to stick with long term. And if you can't stick with a diet long term, there's no reason of starting it. You'll probably end up with more fat on your body than you start with if you do that!

The Day Off Diet is the perfect diet for getting rid of love handles because it's formulated to burn fat fast, not muscle. It's not low calorie or low carb. Instead of focusing on eating less, it's focused on eating right. When you are making the right food choices ("Green Light" foods) you will automatically turn off your body's "fat storing gene" that makes you store fat in the first place (whether in your stomach area or anywhere else.) Also very important is the fact that this diet is easy to stick with long term. It's not too restrictive and it allows for a craving satisfying "day off" regularly. This "day off" is also essential for keeping your metabolism up so you burn fat faster!

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Fasting To Lose Weight

No. Don't do it. There's no worse way to lose weight than by fasting. This is a great way to ruin your body's metabolism for LIFE. It's one of the worst things you can do to your body.

You can lose weight quickly but you must do it in a safe way that is sustainable and that will not slow down your metabolism.

Not only is fasting to lose weight a bad idea, but so is any sort of starvation/low calorie diet. These diets may appear to work in the short term but you really only lose water weight and muscle. Your body actually goes into "starvation mode" when you eat far too few calories and hangs onto the fat you have as a survival method!

Instead of slowing down your metabolism you need to make sure that it stays boosted so that you lose fat and not muscle.

Did you know that each pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day at rest? A pound of fat burns only 2 calories. A person who has muscle is far healthier than one that does not. No you don't have to be a muscle builder but you should do some strength training.

The Day Off Diet
comes with a free strength training program that is highly recommended for building muscle with less time working out. It's now known that most workout routines are highly ineffective and waste a lot of time and energy. It's not about working out harder and longer, it's about working out SMARTER. You can gain more muscle in less time if you know what you are doing. More muscle will allow you to burn more fat and look more fit.

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Lose Weight In One Week

While The Day Off Diet is intended as a long term approach to long term healthy weight loss, it can also be used to lose weight quickly in a short period of time.


How much? Well if you really want to turbo-charge your weight loss and you follow the diet exactly you could possibly lose as much as 10 pounds in just one week. Of course it depends on how much you weigh now and if you also do exercise or not. But the diet is extremely effective for quick weight loss.

The Day Off Diet is 100% guaranteed so there's no risk in trying it now. You could be as much as 5 to 10 pounds lighter in just one week.

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Monday, July 7, 2008

Weight Loss And Type 2 Diabetes

One of the best reasons to start The Day Off Diet right now is type 2 diabetes prevention. The best way to lower your chances of developing diabetes is to lose weight as soon as possible.

Even if you already have type 2 diabetes, weight loss is a great way to get your condition under control.

Losing weight has the following effects:

1. Lowers blood sugar.
2. Reduces blood pressure.
3. Improves cholesterol levels.
4. Reduces stress on joints.
5. Boosts energy.
6. Makes breathing easier.

Of course, if you already have diabetes it is essential that you check with your doctor before beginning any new diet or exercise program.

Tighten Loose Skin

Loose skin is one of the things that people who have a decent amount of weight to loose worry about most. I've even heard of people who don't lose weight because they are worried that much about loose skin and how they will look when they lose their weight.

This is unfortunate for many reasons. One of which is that there are better reasons than just vanity to lose weight. Being overweight greatly increases your chance to develop many critical conditions & diseases that can cause your death. Regardless of what you look like, that should be enough reason to get started with losing weight right away.

But another reason it is unfortunate is because there is a lot of false information floating around about loose skin and what it actually is. In most cases loose skin just means you have more fat to lose. The fact is that many diets cause you to lose more muscle than fat and that means when you've lost your weight you've really lost muscle and not the fat that you should have been losing. Low calorie diets often cause this scenario.

The Day Off Diet is not a low calorie diet. It is a diet which emphasizes the right foods that will help you lose weight in a sensible way. A fat burning way instead of a muscle burning way.

It also now comes with a free report on loose skin and how you can both prevent loose skin in the first place & tighten loose skin that you already have.

If you are concerned about loose skin The Day Off Diet is the right choice for you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Weight Loss

Every summer people rush to get into great shape so they can look awesome in their bikinis or swimsuits.

This summer is no different.

The problem is that too many people turn to the wrong "solutions" such as low calorie diets that try to starve you into weight loss or diet pills that try to artificially control your hunger or speed up your metabolism.

The truth is going down that route will likely do more harm than good.

You need to choose a summer weight loss plan that you can stick with long enough to get the results you need. You need a plan that controls your hunger and speeds up your metabolism in a lasting, long term way. A natural way that won't backfire and leave you with more fat than you started with!

The Day Off Diet is the summer weight loss plan that you need. With it you will lose weight fast and you will also keep off your weight. You will not be counting calories or starving yourself. Instead you will be eating the right foods, the foods that actually help you to burn fat and to "turn off your fat storing gene" - this is vital because it's this "fat storing gene" that actually causes you to gain weight in the first place!

The Day Off Diet is also perfect because it's a plan you can start immediately. You can get instant access right now no matter what day it is or what time it is. It's available for immediate download 24/7/365.

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