Friday, June 20, 2008

Cabbage Soup Diet

The Cabbage Soup Diet is crazy. It's a starvation diet that will do your body far more harm than good. It makes me so sad to see people wasting their time with these kinds of crazy gimmick diets that are a complete waste of time at best and that do your body real damage at worst.

On The Day Off Diet you will never starve yourself and you will never go hungry. The weekly "day off" increases your metabolism so that you lose weight faster while enjoying yourself more. The "green light" food guidelines make the diet easy to follow and extremely effective. In fact it is the "green light foods" that help to "turn off your fat storing gene."

So please do not waste your time with the Cabbage Soup Diet or any other starvation diets! While you may lose a few pounds at first, you will quickly gain all of that weight back (and more!) as soon as you go off of it. And worst of all, you will be miserable the whole time you are on the diet.

When you choose The Day Off Diet you will be making a choice that leads you to the body of your dreams. You will look back at this moment when you make this decision as one of the best decisions of your life. Don't wait to start The Day Off Diet later, start it right now! It is available instantly online as soon as you purchase it.

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