Friday, June 13, 2008

Losing Weight With The Day Off

The Day Off Diet is not a "gimmick" diet. While it may seem that way at first to some people who see the "day off" as something that's there simply as a selling point, it is not the case.

The "day off" is an integral part of why the Day Off Diet is more successful than other diets.

How so? The day off helps to keep the dieters metabolism from dropping into "starvation mode." This is a big problem with low calorie diets that have dieters eating a very small amount of calories each and every day. Eventually the body adjusts to this new low calorie intake and begins to burn fat even more slowly than it was before!

The weekly day off combats this problem by "calorie spiking" your metabolism. This keeps the metabolism boosted for maximum weight loss on your 6 days of dieting every week.

Of course there's also the psychological part of the weekly day off. It helps to keep you motivated with your diet. It helps to keep you from eating junk food because you know you can eat it once a week. You can regularly feed your cravings, this keeps your cravings down over the course of the dieting week!

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