Monday, June 23, 2008

Discover How To Lose Belly Fat

Imagine yourself with the body of your dreams with the flat toned stomach you've always wanted. Really imagine it! Are you doing it? Good. Because that's exactly what you will look like with The Day Off Diet.

"How To Lose Belly Fat?"

This may seem like a mysterious question. But the truth is it's normal for some people to lose weight in their belly last. If you lose weight in the rest of your body, if you are thin elsewhere but your belly has extra fat well the truth is that that's just your body type. Some people hold extra fat in their thighs, others hold it in their stomachs.

"What Does This Mean?"

It means you have more fat to lose. Yes, it as simple as that. When you get your body fat percentage down low enough, your body will have no choice but to let go of your extra belly fat.

"Do I Need To Do Crunches/Sit Ups?"

No. Not really. The best way to get rid of stomach fat is with diet, not exercise. Exercises like crunches and sit ups don't really burn fat. And they're not a very effective way of building muscle in the stomach either.

"So What Should I Do?"

You should start The Day Off Diet as soon as possible (and because it's instantly available online, you can start now!) While exercise is not required to lose belly fat, if you do strength training exercises (which are included with the program free of charge) you can lose fat even faster and build muscle in your stomach so you look even better!


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